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Hey my name is Andrew and I live in Toronto. I've watched Muchmusic for a while now, though I'm only 16. When I saw Amanda I thought, "What a pretty and funny little gal!"

Needless to say I was hooked. I wanted to make a website so I did. I go to the City TV building occasionally and I've seen Brad there (my second favorate vj). My friend is friends with the son of the producer of Muchmusic or something, but anyways he has been on Ed's Big Wham Bam alot. And from what I hear, Ed (real one) is short bald and friendly. Isn't that cool? I'm sure you care.

And if Amanda ever comes across this page, I want to tell her "hey".

Oh yeah and my favorate band is Incubus. (Go Area: One Festival!)

Mail me.