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OMG YOU STILL COME. I've stopped updating due to getting 0 hits a day. Literally, so if you happen to come here, check out the stuff I have, but i'm not updating anymore. Sorry Amanda... Thanks for linking me and stuff... Keep up the good vjing. And to those of you that are obsessed with her sexually, please don't put your perverted comments on the page. ugh... i'm stupid.


Sorry about this pathetic lack of updates. I've been kindof busy starting school and all. There is some kindof contest resulting in a "date" with Amanda, so the majority of you, the ones going "Amanda is SO HOT!! IS SHE SINGLE?!?!? HOW OLD IS SHE?!?!? AMANDA PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!! CONTACT ME *WINK* *WINK* *WINK*" will be happy. Anyways, I find you pathetic people, but am still inclined to help, aren't I nice? Click here for the info on the contest thing. It's not my contest so don't contact me begging to win or something. Why don't you guys just go down to the city tv building and meet her? Whatever, I guess I shouldn't be too harsh. But you have to admit, you're all crazy.


I'm updating this site from mother freakin' Hong Kong, so you better be thanking me like a crazy rabbit thanking it's creator. China is crazy. I'll tell you all about it when I get back to Toronto. I'll be back in like 4 days. There are like 13 people who still check this site. It'll be back in no time. I'm not lazy. You are. Simsim. Everything will be fine. Go get the new Slipknot CD, you'll like it, I promise :). Coming soon: New layout. For real this time, I promise.


Sorry I haven't updated. The green layout looked disgusting. Never again will I mess with that colour. I have lots to update. New pics added. Cool ones this time, I promise. I'm going to asia on wednesday. Be gone for 2 weeks. In the meantime, you can check out That's a good site, unlike this one. Added an article from somewhere. Go check it out. Yeah... So... Area One was fun. Moby rocks.So does Incubus. And rhinosorose or whatever. And the New Deal. They rock. Thanks to duan or something for the article. And kristi. For something else. Ugh I'm confused. Amanda is cool. Brad is funny. That's how we all get money.


Results from first poll:

Rick (34) 19%
Amanda (46) 25%
Bradford (12) 6%
Sook Yin (6) 3%
Namugenyi (8) 4%
Ed the Sock (23) 12%
George (39) 22%
Master T (2) 1%
Juliette (French Kiss) (0) 0%
Chris/Mike (Going Coastal) (5) 2%
Larissa (The New Music) (2) 1%
Nadine (Electric Circus) (0) 0%
Total: 177 votes.



Saw Amanda on Muchmusic last night. Took some pics. Pics are on site now. Enjoy. Amanda was funny. Rick had cool hair. All is well.

See pics now.


Well, I've been talking to one of the webmasters of the yahoo fanclub. Apparently they both show up at the City TV building and talk to Amanda so I might go with them next week. ONE BIG PROBLEM: I'm going to asia for 2 weeks starting sometime next week. So first off, I've decided to leave the news section to Marina. Or whoever is willing. If I trust them enough, I might let them update the entire site (they will be able to delete EVERYTHING). If something DOES happen, I have the site on my hard drive, and will upload to another account. Creative eh?

So I might be able to get an EXCLUSIVE interview with Amanda, if we meet.

In other news, is up. Please note this site is alot better than mine, but you should still go to my site for these reasons:
a)I have interesting/funny news.
b)I have that pic from the Toronto Sun.
c)I love you.
d)Please please please come back!!!!! NOoooooooooo...

Incase you're still here, I talked to Marina about merging this site with the fanclub thingy, so that's an idea.Tell me what YOU think. *points* So the only way I see myself getting original content is if I go to City TV building myself.

I took an article from one from the National Post. Thanks!


Added the picture from the Toronto Sun. I went and scanned it myself so don't go stealin' it! The article that comes with it is the same one that I have in the Article section, so don't buy it expecting an original article. Use the forum, vote the poll, sign the guestbook blah blah blah.


Added a forum so you guys can like, interact and be nice to each other. Please be nice.


Wow two updates in one day. Crazy. Firstly, Amanda E-mailed me. JEALOUS!!! YOU'RE ALL JEALOUS!! lol. Another super-cool thing. I added an article, from Check it out! Everyone say thanks to Kristi for the article. Thank you Kristi. I got a new digital camera today so I'll be taking some pics of Amanda on the tube. Thanks to everyone for everything.


So I log onto my computer, download the new Incubus single. Next I boot up ICQ and chat with some of my intelligent, well cultured friends. I check my website. "Holy banazas!" I exclaim, as I check the hit counter. I ask myself, "Where are these people coming from?". I check the Amanda Walsh Fanclub.I read the little news box they have. Apparently they got linked by the muchmusic site. "Wow!" I think, "If they linked mine, that would be DA BOMB!!". And oh what a bomb it is. Thanks Amanda! Here is what she had to say about it:
" then he says JPEG I thought you said MPEG. LOL. Oh Hi Webheads, it's me Amanda "NetSavvy" Walsh. When they told me I had fan sites, I thought to myself, "Being inlcuded in the family of sites that make up the "information super highway" is truly an honour. First Star Trek, then Dungeons and Dragons, nude photos of Geri Halliwell, Japanamation, and now me! It's nice to see that the bribery finally paid off. I just hope that my mom can continue to update it. I mean, nothing."
"Har har har," I think as I read this charming little quote. Needless to say I am motivated to continue bringing you up-to-date information on what's going on with the person that is "the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen", as stated by one web goer. Rock on dude. Rock on.
P.S. If I were her mother, I'd be proud. Yeah...


Three good things and one surprising thing today.
First good thing- this site is getting more hits. Keep coming back 'cause I update often! Unfortunately, I know how to get pics from the TV to my computer, so if anyone has the equipment, send in some pics of Amanda! Or other content/information. I'll post stories whatever. Infact, whatever you send me, will be on the site (with some exceptions of course).
Second good thing- Amanda signed my guestbook! *large grin* Thanks!
Third good thing- Amanda is beating George in the poll- by only 2 votes! Keep 'em comin'!
Surprising thing- Someone actually voted for one of the Going Coastal VJ's! Sorry I put them in the same catagory, I assumed no one would vote for them. I'm from Toronto, lol, so i have an excuse to be ignorant of the coastal cities!
In Conclusion- Amanda is cool. Rush Hour 2 was funny. Planet of the Apes was a good movie. Thanks for visiting.


I went to the Go Flow chat today. Not much happened, Amanda was pretty funny. I was ignored but tried my best to promote this site. It's sad that this site has no content. Amanda told me she'll "check it out", but if I were her I would be disgusted. Because this site sucks. Yay. I'll update again sometime soon so keep existing!


I was just about to upload the following news update when I see the funniest thing on Much. These two kids go up to Brad and tell him they heard a rumor that he likes Amanda. AHAHHAHAHAH! He goes "for the record, I only like her as a friend". It was funny anyhow. Now to upload this long pointless news update. Please read it. Please?
Man, ever notice Brad is on alot? Not that I'm complaining. I like Brad. FUNNY GUY!!! FUNNY FUNNY GUY! EH?! Anyways Amanda will be interviewing David Usher sometime. Let me check...Tues, Aug 7th 7pm ET. Yes I copied that from the Muchmusic site OK?! God, you lawyers. So yeah, um, check that out if you want to see Amanda talking to some guy.So I got the new Crystal Method CD, Tweekend. Pretty cool. They added some heavy guitar to their beats. We all know guitar rocks. I think Brad cut his hair again. Don't you think Amanda looked cute with ponytails?
Oh yeah, I'm trying to make this site look more professional, any ideas? How about signing my guestbook, or is that TOO MUCH TO ASK??! Have fun... doing stuff... Wait a sec, more news to add. I added a poll to the entrance page. Looks like George is in the lead. Bastards (jk lol). I'll add a flash intro to that later. Oh yeah, there is now an Amanda Walsh Fanclub! Join it and be happy. I added it to the links section. I'll add more content later ok? Bye.


Amanda was on Much on the Beach today. It was funny as a handicapped cat. She and Brad are hilarious! I didn't see all of it though. She tried to kill Brad but they ended up friends, it was great! I added a random quote thing, with very little quotes. I'll add more as I see Amanda more. Planet of the Apes was an AMAZING movie.


Wow, the first Amanda Walsh fansite. Wow. I have very little content right now, seeing as Amanda is new to Much. I'd appreciate any feedback or content you send in.In the future this site will have many pictures and lots of info about her, so hang on!